Thursday, March 8, 2012

Dress up your kids room in a fun way!

Modern Design Made of Coated Cardboard

Krooom ensures that the entire design and production process adheres to the initial objective  to create beautiful designs that make the product functional, aesthetic and available to all. The sleek designs combine a range of colors and prints and high gloss lamination, with a unique spin that can be adapted to individual requirements and style.

Through experience, Krooom has been able to maximize the potential of the material, using it better than ever before both aesthetically and technically, and is now able to focus on design.

With an eye for innovation, Kroooms products are strong and sturdy but also lightweight and can be folded flat. Advanced patented technology ensures that no corrugated edges are visible, the items are completely printable, meet the standards of moisture resistance, and are of course environmentally friendly.

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