Thursday, March 8, 2012

Cuddly Blanket made from 100% organic cotton

Cuddly blanket from Sweden will be available at After Organic in couple of weeks and it's getting me excited! Why? Coz I can't resist organic products, especially for babies!

Babies skin are known to be tender and soft but do you know that they are 5 times thinner than adults? Due to this reason, I have always shared with my customers that at least for the first year, try to let your baby live the organic lifestyle. Building baby immune system is a priority to avoid future problems. 

Like my mum that brought us up and now to my kid, nieces and nephews, she always used old clothes to wear for all of us. The reason is, these clothes are old and wash numerous times thus there's lesser (maybe no?) chemicals or pesticides remains within the clothes. There's also always a saying that babies are more obedient wearing old clothes but  what I believe is, their skin are not irritated by the new conventional cotton clothes which are full of chemicals and pesticides.

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