Friday, March 16, 2012

City Square Mall 2nd Anniversary

City Square Mall is 2! Yes, and congratulation to Singapore first eco mall.

With a line up of events from Korean Festival to 2nd Anniversary Special from participating stores, there's definitely something for everyone!

Below are some places you might like to check out if you are planning to visit the mall:

  • Genius R Us #07-08 
  • Four Seasons Organic Market #03-46 
  • "K"rafers Paradise #04-19
  • Moms' Cottage #03-45 (You can find all our products there!)
  • Astons Speciality #01-30

Below are some promotions I'm aware of:
  • Genius R Us is presently offering a 33% off a workshop at for a limited period. 
  • Four Seasons Organic Market is open for membership now and as a member, you will get to enjoy 50% off their food menu (no idea if it's permanent or for a limited time) You will also earn royalty points for your purchases.
  • Moms' Cottage is offering $2 and $20 and discount offers between 20% to 70% for selected items.

For more details, do visit their website :

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